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Make your home or business look brand new with efficient residential and commercial painting services from B & P Painting, Inc.

Experienced Color-Matching Experts

Whether you're a home-owner or designer that wants to match a swatch of fabric, or a property manager that just wants to touch-up some walls without a complete re-paint, our team is expert at color matching. Backed by more than 25 years experience in the industry, our team can match any color using top of the line paint brands, including:
  • Sherwin-Williams®
  • Vista®
  • Devoe®
  • Valspar®
  • Benjamin Moore®
  • Dunn Edwards®
  • Monochem®
  • Prosoco®
Low-Odor / Low VOC / "Green" Paints are Also Available for Your Convenience.

the importance of quality

We feel the paint brands above are the best formulated brands, and B&P Painting, Inc. typically uses only their highest quality product lines. Because of the superiority of our work and the products we use, written warranties are available for most projects.
A home that used commercial painting services in Pasadena, CA
Painted Dock of the Business — Painting Contractor in Pasadena, CA

See the Color before the Job Begins

With digital colorization images and project renderings, you can see your exterior color choices prior to painting. This process takes some time, but for some projects it can help you visualize your color selections before they are applied.

Long Lasting Projects

Since 1987, B&P Painting, Inc. has been providing quality, long-lasting paint jobs in Arcadia, Pasadena, and the Greater Los Angeles area. In most cases our projects outlast our competitors due to the amount of preparation we do prior to application of any paint.

The Proper Preparations for Professional Painting

Unlike some other painting contractors, our team uses the proper professional preparations for any residential or commercial painting job. Since our business was established, we have used the same process to ensure your paint job lasts longer:
  • Water Blasting or Hand Cleaning & Mildew Washing
  • Trenching Base of Structure & Sealing for Water Wherever Possible
  • Scraping, Sanding, & Grinding Surface to a Smooth, Feathered Edge
  • Stripping & Removing Paint Wherever Necessary
  • Priming Surfaces
  • Patching, Caulking, & Re-Priming
  • Replacing Old Window Glazing If Necessary
  • Applying a Top-of-the-Line Finish Paint in the Color of Your Choice








Exterior Painting Job in Preparation — Painting Contractor in Pasadena, CA
Exterior Painting in Progress — Painting Contractor in Pasadena, CA
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